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The Zenith Academy Tourbillon Georges FavreJacot in black clay; Pilot Type 20 Extra special
45mm in bronze; El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Cohiba Edition in rose-gold; El Primero Chronomaster

1969 Tour Auto in stainless Steel; Chronomaster Heritage 38mm in Stainless Steel

Amazing journey

Swizz, who is always influenced by art and design, recalls his first wristwatch as an aversion to the Nathan George Horwitt-designed Movado Museum Watch. The 1947 creation features a plain black dial with a dot for the midday sun.Ulysse Nardin Replica He laughs, "I thought that I was the coolest guy in town."

He went on to CorumBubbles ("I loved the shape of the brand back then, but nobody really knew it"); Panerai ("I was attracted to big movements"); IWC Big Pilots (Franck Muller) ("I had my first round tourbillon"); Audemars Pigot ("I owned a Carbon Concept and one my APs was fully paves and was my most expensive watch. Hublot ("I loved the shape of the brand back then"); Hublot ("I had a lot of them"); Cartier ("I had aTic Tac-Toe and three other Pashas"); Vacheron Constantin ("I have one of theMetier d’Art Les Masques - it’s another sick piece").

Swizz began to collect watches with a sophisticated flair. He says, "I discovered Ulysse Nardin Freak" and was obsessed with it. "And then, I discovered Richard Mille, where I went insane. It's a very creative brand, Richard is a great friend, but I have to keep moving. I love discovering new things and like finding out what people are replica watches This is how I started wearing Patek Philippe. They were too expensive and not many people were young when I first got my rose-gold Nautilus.

It is obvious that Swizz has no Rolex. It was too close to me - my uncles, and all the musicians who worked with them. It felt like you get money, you get a Rolex. That box was not something I wanted. Rolex is a great brand and I have seen some amazing ones. I especially love the blue dial-green Milgauss. It's clean and pure, but I don't like following the leader.

"If I'm your partner, I'm your real partner." It shows that I move. It's impossible to fake it. While I will wear any Zenith at all times, I may still choose to switch to other watches from time-to-time.Breitling Replica Watches People shouldn't feel forced to buy something. It must be natural and real. You must appreciate the beauty of other brands if you are a watch enthusiast.

Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Cohiba Edition

With rose-gold case and brown alligator leather strap Both Dior Homme's white cotton shirt and black wool trousers are made from white cotton.
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